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Recommended good softwares for Windows users

November 30th, 2010 No comments

If you do a search on internet, you will find many articles about “recommended good softwares”. However I really want to offer my list here as a positive contribution to the internet-based knowledge.

I am a loyal Windows home user, from Windows 98 till… XP. You may say that I miss out Vista and Windows 7, in fact I dislike Vista and am looking forward to exploring Windows 7.

When I mean a software is good, I mean the followings:

  • features are sufficient for users of low-to-average demand
  • stable functioning, good output performance
  • GUI operation is not too difficult to understand

When I mean a software is recommended, I mean the followings:

  • it is free 😀
  • it is commercial but not expensive and worth buying for the good values it brings on
  • I know many people are also using it including my colleagues. Or it has high user download stats on well-known software review sites like CNET download

And here is my list in no order:


A free sound editor. If you can’t buy SoundForge, use Audacity instead.

Alive Video Converter

A commercial video converter. Its dominant feature is ability to provide smooth conversion among most well-known industry video formats.


If you’ve been browsing Internet for years, you should have known this famous name ;). A good browser, free and has so many plugins.


Again, if you don’t like MS Outlook or Outlook Express because they’re MS products and not free, this is the only outstanding candidate for you. It’s a good stable email client. I believe I never run into mail crash problem like it does with MS Outlook.


A good free music player, it can even play video file. I recommend you use latest version, however I’m still using Winamp 2.9.1 due to its light body for years.

K-lite Codec Pack

It contains most of the audio and video codes in the industry. Once you install this, you’re empowered the ability to play any multimedia files. However, you still need a good stable player, read next below.

Media Player Classic

A tiny powerful multimedia player. It can play many audio/video format itself without codec. It is in fact faster, better than Windows Media Player or VLC player.

Comodo Firewall

A very stable and good firewall, it can protect ARP cache of your computer too.

AVG Antivirus

A good antivirus  comparable to Kaspersky or BitDefender


Stops and quits process that is stuck, no responding

Foxit Reader

PDF reader, better than Adobe Reader.


Better than WinZip.

Free Download Manager

Better than Internet Download Manager.


Way more excellent than Notepad.

Google Picasa

A cool gallery manager, supports uploading to Google Picasa web.


A good CD/DVD burner, supports creating image file (ISO/CUE).


Lets you type Vietnamese characters pretty well :D.

Recommended good softwares for Linux Mint / Ubuntu

November 30th, 2010 No comments

Linux is a good and powerful operating system. If you are a non-MS developer or you can’t afford MS products (Windows, Office), you should consider using Linux. Though there are many Linux distros out there, I recommend Linux Mint for its elegance and cool customizations for home end-users. If you’ve been a Windows user, you will feel a similar environment with Linux Mint.

Here is a list of softwares (IMHO) in no order that I recommend for Linux Mint (applicable to Ubuntu too as Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu).

arpon – Arp handler inspectiON

Protects your ARP cache.


A good download manager like Free Download Manager for Windows. It supports multi-thread per each download.


Expand diskspace of your OS, use this when you install Ubuntu/Linux Mint as a software under Windows.


A famous Windows compatibility layer. With Wine, you can install and run Windows softwares with no problem in Linux.


A lite video editor, good for average demand.


A super good web browser.


Yet another super good browser. It loads and displays Flash web pages faster than Firefox, but is very resource-consuming.


Similar to AllToTray software for Windows, it can hide chosen window and shows a corresponding icon on the system tray. Click that icon to open the window again.


A good screenshot tool compared to default ones. However it cannot capture long web page.


Lets you create as many operating systems as you want inside Linux. It performs excellently comparable to VMWare.


Similar to TortoiseSVN, it lets you do all svn-related tasks with a right click.

Java Decompiler –

A really good tool for Java developer, comparable to to DJ Java Decompiler for Windows.


Good SSH tool for developers for years ;). I like the way using GUI to store accounts, fonts, tunnels, etc.

Firewall graphical front-end: Firestarter, GUWF

Linux uses iptables as the actual firewall, so we just need a good and reliable GUI to iptables. Firestarter, GUFW are good candidates, but use one of them only.

Meld Diff Viewer

Similar to WinMerge for Windows, it is strong at comparing and merging files.

Google Picasa

This is a good software for managing image files on your computer.


Similar to Notepad++ for Windows, it is a lightweight superstar for editing files.

SCIM Unikey

A reliable tool for typing Vietnamese characters. This is good if you’re going to learn and use Vietnamese in your near future of course!


A tool used for editing the GConf configuration database. GConf is a configuration database system for storing application

Oracle VM VirtualBox

A good free software to create virtual machine of your choice.


A cool music player, integrating, podcast, radio and music stores (Jamendo, Magnatune).

Nautilus Image Converter

If you’ve ever known Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP, you will find this a similar useful tool for Linux. It integrates in right mouse menu context. It supports resizing and rotating images.